Therapy & Neuroscience

Being Known

There is a difference between knowing things and being known. To be known by another person or by God is to be open, vulnerable and willing to share your story with another who is trustworthy, understanding and unafraid of your most hidden secrets.

Being Aware

How well am I paying attention to what my mind is paying attention to? How connected am I to the sensations and emotions I can feel in my body? Is memory playing a role in what I am experiencing right now? Becoming more aware begins with being curious and asking ourselves good questions.

Being Connected

We are created as relational human beings, seeking meaningful connection. As we become more connected to our selves and what we sense, image, feel and think, we also draw closer to one another as friends, roommates, spouses, families, co-workers and communities. Growth in connection is what leads to greater health. Our intention is to help patients realize the vision of a life in which we are connected to others while appreciating and maintaining the differences that make us each unique.

Becoming Educated

Recent scientific developments in the fields of neurobiology and attachment theory are expanding what patients can expect from their psychiatrist and therapist. Our clinical staff is dedicated to educating you about these findings, exploring how they will make a difference in your life while integrating them into your care.

Living Without Shame

Shame can be hard to detect, especially when it takes place within the privacy of our own minds. People can shame us though their words and actions. “You don’t measure up.” “You are not enough.” Our reaction to unbridled shame often results in our moving out of relationships and into hiding. We experience healing from shame when we resist this natural tendency and, instead, reach out to a trusted person with whom we can allow ourselves to be known.

Anatomy of the Soul

"Anatomy of the Soul" by Curt Thompson, MD, explores the intersection of interpersonal neurobiology and Christian spiritual formation, and provides a basis of thought and practice for many professionals in the mental health field. Our staff incorporates principles from it to form and guide their therapeutic practice. "Anatomy of the Soul" examines the process of paying close attention to our brains and our relationships with others and with God — a process that not only strengthens our awareness of their existence, but also enhances our ability to become more joyful, courageous, kind and secure as we interact with those around us.